Hiisi proxy for mobile

I have a couple of dongles but no one works with MS stack unfortunately. Pod Linuxom to ide. The problem is not only the BT connection, but also the way the proxy works.

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When prompted for installation install in the memory where the files are stored.

Simple Bluetooth Proxy for PyS60 and Linux

Proy using my apn name in the right ofr but it still using my gprs connection and lose all my credits. Sanchomld, I also use N But this way works only with opera mini browser. I found two projects, both are abandoned at the time of this writing, trying to provide a fix: That is, i want to share internet on my laptop and want to use internet in my samsung impression.

Hm, have you ever tried using GnuBox or HiisiProxy? It works fine on default browser, I also use it in Opera Mobile Thanks a lot Andy.

And so did I remember this mobil of yours and give it another try, and to tell you, it works now and I can say it's better than Hiisi!

I'm testing this on Windows 7 using the Toshiba Stack. Template is Powered by www. Joomla components by Compojoom. I lost my connection everytime I attempt to connect through opera mobile.

How to use internet on mobile using bluetooth via Hiisi?

I'll wait for new version. Input any name for access point. Also i have tried earlier with the Widcomm and Hiisi and Ffor. Just a couple of questions.

Thank you very much for developing this program! However, without such a phone my motivation for this proxy is gone, as the Palm Pre features WiFi.

What PyS60 are you running fpr which phone? I am currently doing my master thesis on Bluetooth and your proxy worked great for me!

I even tried to make a copy of my GPRS connection and change the proxy but then the connection still uses the GPRS and not the bluetooth only Opera mini, built-in browser receives no data. Regards from Brazil 0 0 Reply Quote Seems that the PyS60 v2.

Hiisi Suite - HTTP proxy server suite for mobile phone and PC | My Technology

I'll add a note that on some handsets it is necessary, to specify more settings. A kind of a black screen flashed and disappeared.

Some example code can be found at http: Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

The Samsung is capable of hijsi Nokia's PyS60 you have to crack open the firmware first and my Router is also able to run Python. Bluetooth Dongle in case of Desktop.

Are you sure you have pybluez installed? Unfortunately, this uiisi not true. But all data will go through the proxy, not gprs. Nice to be the first commenter on your application. I'm not really familiar into it sorry.

I did run the script from Python and connected to my PC.

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