Khago blood a boil

How yu fi talk dem tings de? Octane is a glory taker, and the glory belong to the Most High. The ting deeper than music, it more than just music, mi no sing no song fi be no troublemaker.

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So him ah diss me under psyches all this time.

Khago - Blood A Boil

Him trouble Teflonand then run come pon TV and say me and Teflon a friend, It reach the point say me and Octane ah Cane and Abel, and stop tell people say ah him gimme mi name, ah Jimmy Hinds give me my name.

How yu fi talk dem tings de?

Him no know how the babymother pressure feel, mi ask Octane fi stop be the back wheel and come forward and him no want that happen. Octane is a glory taker, and the glory belong to the Khzgo High. Yu can ask producer Crush bout it, and then three years after him stop tek mi phone call then, mi go find Nah Sell Out, him run back say him waan do combination and management say mi nuffi do it.

Ah fear him fear mi so? Him need fi stop tell people say me and him friend.

Blood A Boil - Khago | Shazam

One Comment Camara Mcketty July 27, at 1: Khago, who was friends with Octane before his musical success, said they have severed their kgago some three years ago and now the singjay is trying to turn producers and promoters against him. Mi put in nuff work wid him, from him first song, mi have Caan Cool at 3 on the chart, mi ask him fi call mi out so people can know me cause ah mi and him used to par, mi sing background vocals fi him, mi used to cook at Octane yard, and when him find out say mi talented like him, him no waan nobody know me, bolod just want me to be a background singer.

The ting deeper than music, it more than just music, mi no sing no s fi be no troublemaker. Dem used the one song, Blood a Boil fi tarnish ting. Him see mi over Portmore and say him like the low profile rims pon khato car. Mi and my friend dem wash my cars dem together, me and my friend dem roll different, mi wash all the wheel dem, the duttiest part mi do it.

Mi used to lef Spanish Town and go cook food fi him, mi used to all wash him car, I was him buckler. Mi nah hide it no more.

Breakthrough dancehall star Khago is opening up about the fued between himself and I-Octane. Why yu nuh talk how yu a try keep mi down? Three years him no talk to me after mi sing the last background vocals for him at Beenie Sizzle just because mi ask him fi help me.

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