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When the Open File dialog appears, browse to the backup you saved from version 1 and press Open to import the data into a new company file. In conjunction with the new SMTP email option described below, the templates make emailing one or more items to customers take a single button click. New Reports and Report Fields A number of new reports have been included, e. Check out our online invoicing software. To find out more about our software please download and install a free trial Clicking the button below will take you to our downloads page where you can choose to download SliQ Invoicing Plus or Lite.

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Click the button below to be directed to our download page. The automatic backup folder can now be configured via the Options dialog. Editing an Existing Invoice does not cause payments to be deleted if pllus total is still at least the payment amount If an existing invoice is edited, SliQ now only deleted payments already recorded for the invoice if the new total for the invoice is less than the sum of the payments records.

This report works for Purchase Orders in a similar way to the existing Sales nivoicing Month report. With support for WordPress, SliQ can not only post to WordPress-based article directories but can be used to post to your own private blogs.

Alternatively, select the report and press the Choose Filters button in the toolbar to choose whichever filters are desired. Specific statement templates can also be associated with customers.

Whether you produce a handful or a hundred invoices per month, SliQ Invoicing and Quoting can help you. Track customer payments against invoices and quickly find out how much you are owed. A line item number can now be added to invoices and quotes It is now possible to add ivoicing line item count column to invoices, quotes and purchase orders. If a password is specified, SliQ will prompt for the password whenever the file is opened. Previously, SliQ allowed decimal places to be configured between 2 and 5.

SliQ Invoicing Plus even includes stock control features to help you track inventory. In part, the difference is that it would take a lot of effort to make any web application look completely like a desktop application.

When generating PDF documents, the background is no longer filled Prev iously when a PDF was generated, the background was filled with white. TotalQuantity Template Field Added A field value of TotalQuantity can be added to a template invoice, quote, credit note, purchase order, delivery note etc.

New fields have invoiing added to the Email Template Editor and Invoice Template Editor allowing the 3 fields to be included on templates.

Quantity Field Pllus Places Quantity fields can now contain up to 5 decimal places. Quotes by Sales Person These reports show the amounted quoted or invoices for sales people. When a PDF of an invoice is created, e. The order in which columns are shown on invoices is now configurable When editing a template, it is now possible to reorder the columns, e.

The automatic backup scheme has been altered. For more information, see Changing Decimal Places on Prices. This feature makes it easier to print invokcing invoice onto letter headed paper where the company logo is already pre-printed onto the paper but when emailing the same invoice, make SliQ include the company logo.

SliQ Invoicing Software

With the new option checked, SliQ will also search through items on invoices too. Search More Fields When searching the data in the main lists, e. The last dates used when creating credit notes, quotes and purchase orders will also be remembered when raising new documents.

A number of minor updates and corrections have been included.

SliQ now supports creation of purchase orders as well as storing Supplier details. Improvements on the import of product descriptions from Excel CSV files.

SliQ Invoicing Release History

We recommend that you save the downloaded installer file to the hard drive on your PC before running. If the SliQ Startup dialog appears, press the Restore from a Backup button ingoicing in red in the picture below. SliQTools is now on Twitter. Improved Attachment Names When Emailing via Outlook When sending emails using Outlook the attachment filenames included a temporary path.

;lus can get the new online template editor by downloading it from the Choose Template setup page while logged into SliQ Online. Miscellaneous Updates A number of other updates and corrections have been made.

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