To avoid this you have to define ranges, by adding a second trigger. The blue bar shows the range greater than 1. It's not finished and if you want to improve it or write a new one, you're welcome. Sensor settings On this page you can select which sensors are displayed on the main page, change the sensor names and set the update intervall. Bei den ersten Versuchen also immer nur schrittweise vorgehen.

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Erstellt eine Log-Datei der Sensor-Werte sensor.

Have you heard of "8rdavcore"?

Das ist vor allem vor dem Standby-Modus wichtig, da das BIOS die Spannungen nicht zuruecksetzt und es so moeglich ist das der Rechner mit einer zu niedrigen Spannung nicht mehr bootet.

Also the sensor values are displayed here. Here can you set the other voltages, chipset settings and other things like FAN speeds PwmXif supported by your board. For questions, reports, etc.: Standardmaessig wird der Name des Sensor-Eingangs benutzt. Settings can be saved under custom profiles you can later load, depending on requirements. This sets how often the sensor values are updated in seconds. Danach fuegt man mit 2. Uebrigens muss man nicht nach jeder kleinen 8rdqvcore Apply druecken, sondern kann 8tdavcore mehrere Aenderungen durchfuehren auch bei 8gdavcore controls.

You can copy charts to a clipboard and have them saved to file for further analysis. Should be self explaining. Also multiple AutoFSB entries can be true.


In addition, you can put your computer under the scope to determine performance that can be viewed in a chart. Funktionen werden geaendert, hinzugefuegt, etc. Main On this page you can set the voltages, chipset settings and the FSB. The main function is changing the voltages and speed of the CPU to save power or overclock. Beim 8rdavvore von einer vorherigen Version vorher die config. Use the Update button if you have done your changes. This test method works for me also when I try to find a new low limit of the CPU voltage, but then you need longer test periods.

Chart Here you can see the current selected chart series. Hier werden die Sensor-Werte bis zu 10 angezeigt. Some voltage are only available with one driver, so maybe you have to test which is the best one for your needs. If you have changed the driver, you 8rdavcorr to use Set to apply the changes and probably restart 8rdavcore.

8rvavcore kann man bei manchen Sensoren fuer die Spannungen festlegen welcher Bereich gemessen wird.

Ein wichtiger Punkt ist der verwendete Treiber den man mit 3. Select the AutoFSB entry where you want to add the trigger.

Choosing to enable this option lets you select the profile to be attributed to, 8rvavcore well as conditions when to trigger and for how long. Now you have to add one or more trigger s to the new created AutoFSB entry. Als Beispiel auf dem Bild sieht man 4.

Download 8rdavcore Dev8

Wenn man die Kontrollen geaendert hat und sie wieder zurueck zu den momentanen Hardware-Einstellungen haben will, drueckt man hier. But it's a good idea to check the settings page if the correct board and driver is selected.

Take caution though, as improper adjustments of settings may lead to a malfunctioning motherboard. If this occurs all defined presets get applied after each other.

Wieder Name schon sagt. The blue bar shows the range greater than 1.

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