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I would like to purchase several synedra View Professional licenses. This website uses cookies. The utilization of proprietary PACS may not be feasible because of their high cost.

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Current tomography apparatuses are capable of acquiring volumes and, with the use of MPR, reconstructions can be made, sometimes isotropic, in the desired plane, being useful in the images interpretation.

By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Among the pesronal softwares, it is the only one capable of performing images fusion Figure 5. The possibility of adding comments on the images facilitates later searches for findings or diseases, considering that with the greater storage capacity, personal computers have been increasingly utilized to file cases.

Archiving of all data synedrs synedra View is not perwonal suitable for data viewing and diagnostic imaging, but also allows its users to store all types of data—from DICOM and video files to scanned medical records—in the Health Content Management Platform synedra AIM.

Useful additional tools further facilitate the multiple workflows of our non-radiological users, e. As a PACS client it is a little slow, sometimes giving the impression that the system has personwl up. Onis - A freeware version of a commercial program presenting a simple and agreeable interface.

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Suitable for medical purposes View Professional. I would like to purchase several synedra View Professional eynedra. As freeware and open-source softwares are analyzed, one realizes that such softwares require a very frequent updating, to an extent that upon searching for softwares that were previously evaluated, one observes that several of those applications are no longer available, or are no longer being updated, and some are no longer freeware, with few alternatives remaining currently available Mito - Mito medical imaging toolkit is an open source software with some interesting features.

Radiologists as high-end users in particular benefit from the wide range of diagnostic tools, such as flexible and configurable hanging protocols, comparison tools for clinical monitoring, numerous measurement tools and display functions, MPR Compare, snapshots and history function as well as full DICOM support. Please enable JavaScript to use this website.

Its most important shortcoming is the fact that it lacks a data bank, i. Persnal cases where the software will be permanently linked to the server network, visualizing a single image at a time, Synedra and Onis are indicated for being fast and not highly demanding in terms of computer memory; the difference between them is that the first one performs MIP and the second, VR.

synedra View Personal

The interface is quite unique, with the buttons located at the bottom of the screen, which, initially, may make its use difficult. ClearCanvas Workstation - It is a part of synera open-source solutions package that also comprises an imaging server and a RIS radiology information system.

In the current version 2. It is a freeware version of a more complete commercial package.

Sixteen functions selected according to the authors' needs were evaluated. Efficient display of all relevant data, including documents, images, DICOM data, videos and other multimedia objects, is complemented with an extensive set of image editing tools.

Synchronize tools View PersonalView Professional. The following topics include comments on the softwares highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

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What is a file extension? Document, image and multimedia data viewing For the display of image and multimedia data outside the radiology department, synedra View can be closely integrated with the existing HIS. Munich, Germany; [cited Apr 10]. We do not host downloads on our own, but point you to the newest, original downloads. This is a rapid and friendly software.

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One of them study taggingallows the addition of comments to the studies and later searches, which is very useful for filing cases, however it runs only on the version 1.

The use of freeware image viewers is entirely feasible in the radiologists' daily routine. The function buttons are large and located at the bottom of the screen, with a different interface that lacks a nice appearance Figure 2. The objective of this study is evaluating and testing several softwares, selecting those capable of running as PACS clients, besides evaluating the feasibility of using them in personal computers.

A search was performed at Google by utilizing the keywords "free dicom viewer" and "free dicom viewing". In cardiac radiology, the "cine" tool is essential, as it provides dynamic images of the functioning heart. Clear Canvas has been chosen because of its higher number of functions required in the IMEB daily routine and for its easier utilization.

Considering that some softwares did not comprise detailed descriptions of their different functions, the authors have opted for testing those Windows-compatible capable of running as viewers.

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