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I would like to ask if you are still hiring, because I am interested to apply to your company.. Rim f'oniii'lter Mad C. Brocklngton said, but at present It was necessary to carry advertising, although the amount- would be limited to a revenue of WW. With tha establishment of a aeW adssion settlement as an Industrial SSntre. Complete with oak floors, full bascrrent and furnace.

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This money Was necessary for paypient of the slad payroll of 1 20n, It was the fourth victory, of an American owner to m oehtury of Grand Nationals.

Full text of "The Daily Colonist ()"

Oales have occurred on the nortiMTO coast, with. Stears' said there was no place, west ol Montreiil, a. In commenting upon the situation ycsterdiiv morning. MiMsionary Sppnki At St.

The drama provided a common ground on which all could meet and forgt-t social, religious, and political differences. Victoria College ruggers, pictured above, are Intermediate Rugby League champions for the season. I do not know the source from which the funds coms tO put on this rinvtone paign, but If It IS from the pockets of the taxpayers of Cunada, we iniit have both sides of this argu- ment presented, since we pay for It.

Just came te earth to win our. Those who sell bad food deserve to lose business. The Panama freighter, IkiTh.

Itofr yoa will Kivp yr. Erb, Brecher, Davey, McDonald. Ns over TlKiivson The flghter.

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White, Victoria, first vloe-pccsfckfbt; liCrs. Brockington said cost of collecting liceiKe fees was so small compared to the total that even If It were saved In Its entirety the corixjratlon would still have to borrow from the Federal Treasury to carry out Ita expansion programme The money borrowed was to be repaid over a. Cqonnuts, aScb ' The daring drama of the conflict of three generations! Canotbers, provin- The preeenUUon waa made swlad Mr.

It continues mtld In th e P falrt e Pio i ln ees. Rock Hill, South Carolina. Prose- cutor Claude L. The Chicago Tribtme used to describe itself as "the world's greatest newspaper," and perhaps does so still.

It is not fair to select even these fotu:. Vaal aad lUm for Nausase Bolla. There is little privacy.

Both icnami- i-Ph6to by r w 8i. The entire trip decuplea oae month and a week-end.

Salad oh Ringtones

Pfd tJ S Smell ina 5. Clarke stepped three fast rounds agalnjist McintOih and gained the nod ol tlw Judges for the flyweight title. Arohie San Romaai and Oene. E - Room apartme.

ST l i'i'er fhtl 3 rooms. WtXJfl- rufr, Uhlted States shipping com- ml-vloner. Community, of interest tended to overcome Individual and group antagonisms.

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