By continuing to browse our website, you agree to our Cookies policy. Like I said, I used it to create a really neat flash effect for titles for my short - and added a creepy wav "moan" with the flash and it turned really well. Jun 17, 9.

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You alqmdv definetly check the place out AlamDV2 is a great program for beginners and can be very effective when used by someone who knows what they're doing check out "the test" on the alam cinema.

I have it, but have only used it twice - once as a test and second to create a flash, background effect for some titles. Thank you for visiting the site!

Jun 17, 9. Share This Page Tweet. I have learned so much more about the art of filmmaking over here than I did at the AlamDV forums. Understand your data by reading our Ala,dv policy. I don't know that I would use it for a major space-battlefield epic, but who knows? It's a great learning environment.

Also, check out the movies at AlamDV. Jun 15, 4.

Alamdv will have a new site at www. Jun 15, 5. Education Frequently asked questions Masterclasses User guides Video tutorials.

Save time, get creative. Gaaahhh, you've got me started now Jun 15, 2.

Do you already have an account? I didn't really buy it to be an all-inclusive SFX tool, but just another option for - alamdb. I think it is pretty much a waste of 80 bucks. Does anyone here use this app? It makes you want to use it in everything you do, just because special effects seem so cool when they are "at your fingertips".

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Terms and Conditions apply. Thanks for the info. That's the whole reason I switched over to Studentfilms. I should check out the boards over there to see what you're talking about!

Mark Zlamdv Scooter Productions. The atmosphere is infinity times better than here: I have nothing against fueling the love of filmmaking for young ones, but these kids are not on my list.

Have you checked out the forums over at AlamDV? Read more about our use of cookies.

Review - AlamDV

It's not even funny. Search Forums Recent Posts. I bought it last year, and for a while I was hyped about it.

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