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We understand not many are on the same level of skill and we'll make our each effort to serve you. Admittedly it's a clever piece of software if you want to spam forums. Eventually, he taught me some top secret CPA techniques. Remove users with 0 posts or a low number on a regular basis. Finally, my efforts had paid off.

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Only the most intelligent of the blackhats will be in a position to piece together all the info I am on the point of exposing. THEN, at the very last minute, when I believed that I was going to have to go back to flipping burgers. Remember how internet marketing was ten years ago? Important Information By using this site, you pallaadium to our Terms of Use.

Only 75 emoji are allowed.

We pledge our devotion to you, the individual that make the choice to purchase. Finally, my xrumet had paid off. If you want to save money, go learn it yourself.

In the shady, underground sector of blackhat selling it's alomst very unlikely to know who to trust.

download XRumer Palladium? | Mac Support

That implies we're going to kiss your ass, but don't get any funny ideas! I presume you are a XRumer 5.

The great times are back, baby! Sign In Sign Up.

If you want to know precisely how beneficial the Botmaster support team actually is, try emailing them or messaging them in ICQ. Google [Bot] and 0 guests. The program informs the users about availability of new versions and possesses many other powerful features. It is a dangerous weapon and it can be employed in truthful but cunning promotional programs.

I literally hit my head against my keyboard on many nights trying to make money using xrumer 5. Return to Announcements pallarium Forum Rules. Board index All times are UTC. How much is the data worth?

How much is my time worth? Eventually, he taught me some top secret CPA techniques.


Listen, before Murk and I came along, folks would buy Xrumer on a whim, then stop using it after a few days. Can you say Cha-Ching? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The system is fully user-independent and requires minimum skills to handle: I thought it was a fluke initially, but it turns out it isn't. The more xruumer ones do not spam moderators or admins so the practice can go on for xrumdr while before it's detected usually when an annoyed member forwards a spam PM to a forum moderator or administrator.

Reply to this topic We aren't stuffing ebay or amazon or anything like that! The following forum base processing tools are included: If you paid me hourly for all the work that I have done and the hours I've put into this project, I'd be earning about a buck an hour.

Remove users with 0 posts or a low number on a regular basis. If you know anything about selling, you know that keeping track of your stats is vital to your success. Forum spammers rely on many forums using the same software, that's why the more popular forum softwares such as phpbb and vbulletin get spammed more.

It also avoids being flagged as a spammer because no paladium is posted in the first post which is usually a red flag for forum admins.

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