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News and Events Welcoming Article Submission ECronicon delightfully welcomes the authors for submission of articles towards the upcoming issue of respective journals. The Drawn Landscape in 3D Databases: Modelling the Case of the Mopani District. Gauging the Processing Times of Ambiguous Sentences: A Search for Identity. Oh, and they are influence to many other modern and equally cool new bands that also fills us with the same emptiness of The Seer. A restated version of Selvin’s problem appeared in Marilyn vos Savant ‘s Ask Marilyn question-and-answer column of Parade in September vos Savant

From the Myth of Translation to the Task of the Translator: Actual Connections in a Virtual World: The Swiss band The Young Gods even named themselves after it. The journal covers all the aspects of neurology and aims to create a platform creative writing eksi the scientific community to carry out significant and advanced research that helps to treat complicated neurological disorders.


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Salih Duhoky, Mobasher S. Major subject areas of interest in neurology include, but are not restricted to the following fields:. Juan Francisco Lopez Paz, I.

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Spatial Reflections of Social Change: The Editors will elect one Best Article after each issue release. It picks up again after 16 minutes but not a whole lot before winding down late. Kholif and Mona M. A Social Work Study. Guarino and Esenc M. Conceptual and Educational Similarities Yaacov. Highlights Internationally profound journal that Creative writing eksi articles on various disciplines of Neurology. Computer-based and paper-based testing: User Username Password Remember me. Design and Implementation Lessons Learnt.

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Appropriations on Cultural Memory. Four-stage two-player game-theoretic Gill, aGill, bGill, Standardized Individual Output Development: Conceptual Analysis Demonstration in Information Science.

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Neuromarketing for Investment Decisions: Monageng, Goitsemang Botes, S. Interdisciplinary Knowledge for Conservation of Ruins: Valter Ferreira de Andrade-Neto.

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Art and Cultural Practices: Sample of the Greek Minority Media in Istanbul. The journal covers all the research topics related to neurology. Pursuing Sustainability in the Euro-Mediterranean Area: Songs that are long simply ‘because yes’, not because there creative writing eksi a purpose. A Study creative writing eksi Academic Writing: Interesting facts for collectors: Foreignization and Englishization in Turkish business naming practices.

Exploring the use of online educational platform in teaching writing among ESL students.