No special cultural and political requirements are anticipated 6. The system should be searchable 2. This can be done with either the abrupt or parallel method. In this method an instructor goes over the system with each user individually. Current system for recording and tracking services performed is inefficient. In this method the old system is shut down and the new system is made operational on a predetermined date. Actor Action System Response Step 1:

Additional training will need to be provided to new employees and clients as the business continues to grow. Current system for clients submitting service requests inefficient. System Requirements Functional Requirements 1. Each client and user will have a unique username and password 3. Conversion Plan Section I:

Embeds 0 No embeds. These tasks result in information that can be used to deliver effective technical support and a more user friendly, bug free system. This will showthe original request information and any work ctts case study milestone 5 solution associated with the request selected by the user.

Passwords should be changed every 90 days 3. The user will then select an unresolved request to review further. This use case successfully ends when the usercloses window W – Unresolved Requests, and returns window W Service Requests. The pros and cons to this method are the inverse of the abrupt cut over. Some of these tasks include: White-Box,Control structure branch, condition Test 2: Manage Service Requests 2.

User satisfaction surveys should be sent out soon after the system is implemented. Because smalldetails can be missed when working closely with a system it is important to have someone other than those who performed the tests review them.

Client Only their own 2. Management Non-Functional Requirements ctts case study milestone 5 solution. Creating an instructional video that can be accessed online is the best way to distribute the information to their growing client base. These can be used to identify any additional changes that can be made to improve the system. Kathy Grey will be responsible for printing and distributing training materials. Management would like an easy way for techs to track installation of new hardware components.

The systemdisplays a list of all requests relevant to the userbased on their log-in information that ctts case study milestone 5 solution not been marked resolved. There are one or more unresolved requests that have been active for more than 72 hours.

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Observing the use of the system will provide insight into things like high volume times and who is using the system. Cultural and Political Requirements 4.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. This list should be specific to the technician; however they should have an option to reviewother requests if necessary. Full Name Comment goes here. Coastline does have the option of outsourcing the tech support responsibilities, however since ctts case study milestone 5 solution are a small company I think it should handled internally.

Testing Before the testing begins, sample data should be input for multiple clients. Feasibility Matrix Feasibility Criteria Wt. Work Record An individual record of services performed by a technician on a service request.

The systemdisplays window W – Unresolved Requests, a list showing all records relevant to the user based on their log- in credentials that have not been marked resolved. Current systemfor clients submitting service requests inefficient. Client configuration changes should be saved before exiting 1.

Keyboard and Mouse, Mobile devices with app Same as Candidate 1. Produce accurate real time information about services and procedures.

CTTS Case Study

If there is a problem with the new system, going ctts case study milestone 5 solution to hand written methods temporarily will not be difficult.

Windows 7 class servers and workstations Same as Candidate 1. Not generally applicable if applications software packages are to be purchased. Alex Lazo Created by: Technician time is wasted because of a lack of proper information before initiating service call. If this is selected the systemwill launch use case CTTS A client has access to only their service requests,technicians can view unresolved requests they are part of, and management will ctts case study milestone 5 solution unresolved requests open for more than 72 hours.

Same as Candidate 1. Client configuration information should not be on the internet 3. This should confirm the proper functionality of the appropriate messages.

Upon completion the systemreturns to Step 4. Anna Kelly will be responsible for the majority of the unit and program testing and documentation. Systems and processes always have room for improvement. Black-Box Precondition- User logged-in and verified as a Technician.