Da Mad Face Invasion. Chyskillz was picked as the main producer of the album, he produced 16 of 18 songs. Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Starr First verse:

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The grimy urban vibe is matched by Onyx 's narrative thuggery, discharged straight from the streets like pumped-up news dispatches and predating the roughneck rap trend by several years. US Billboard bxcdafucup. We met Chyskillz on Jamaica Avenue one day. While we were recording the album, niggas was on LSD the whole time, straight up. Vic Da Rula of Escobar gave the album ten out of ten, saying " Retrieved September 25, The release is mostly co-produced by Run DMC 's Bacdafuckp Master Jay and newcomer Chyskillzand its music has a tense, wired edge that amplifies the vividness of the threatening lyrics.

Fredro Starr Seventh verse: We brought him into our zone and made him do some grimy shit. Onyx raps it hard like it is Russell Simmons took the word and made a clothing line Phat Farm around it. Once they did this song, she gave them direction, she described what they was feeling: Sticky Fingaz invented the word "phat".

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The group members stood on Plexiglas while the photographer, Gary Spector, took the pictures. Atak of da Bal-Hedz. We had that battery pack. That the entire album from beginning to end circumvents almost any backlash by being so bacsafucup catchy as well, is a sterling tribute to how strong a quartet Onyx truly is on this first effort.

So the group needed a new music producer. Fredro Starr Fifth verse: Da Mad Face Invasion K. Sticky wanted that people to see the group from under their shoes. Many copycats came after these badafucup, but their mark on the game is definitely unparalleled.

Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip.

Other than the six unnecessary skits and a couple of throwaway songs that don't hold up to the high standard the group themselves set, "Bacdafucup" is a solid debut album for Onyx from beginning to finish. Onyx Is Here K.

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baxdafucup Sexy Trippy All Moods. Sticky Fingaz Second verse: For example, they had a song called "Phat 'N' All Dat ". On another choice selection, Onyx modifies the old childhood jingle "London Bridge" to "Nigga bridges falling down".

That's just the creative side of making music. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.


November 27, " Slam " Released: The first single, " Throw Ya Gunz " was released, November 27, UK Top 75 [47]. Then we did baxdafucup song but once we did that song, that kind of like gave us our direction, it kind of described what we was feeling. Fredro Starr, Suave Chorus: Big DS Second verse:

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