After updating to Classic Responsive 1. However, we understand that many of you have been using the WPSEO Plugin for some time, and it sure is nice to be able to use this Plugin with Thesis…without having to mess with anything to make it work. I find it very strange, disrespectful and totally unoriginal. Sorry this was so long. This would be my first collision course with constructing a website. I had purchased Thesis early on, but before long I drifted over to Headway which I absolutely love! The idea of placing elements wherever I want in templates is too easy.

For now, the only Skin that fully leverages Thesis 2. Personally, I have licenses to, and experience with: Does it look like a vanilla site relying on me to define the appearance from scratch or does it have preset theme templates I can choose from to determine the look? And, in fact, much more so now in Headway 3 than in earlier versions. Or if they Headway developers released an update that altered the way the layout mechanism renders the block structure say they found a more efficient or maybe SEO-friendly way to do it , that could also cause your design to go belly-up, because the specific row-wrappings are not documented or guaranteed.

I highly recommend the Headway theme framework.

Thesis New Features and Download

It has a comment module. I would have liked being able to come to another conclusion, cause now it is just an expensive lesson learned. Hi Oliver, Thank you so much for your real time advice. If you leave that field blank, Thesis will generate a thumbnail for you based on the Post Image field. I think diythemes thesis 2.0 best bet would be to code your project from scratch, considering your requirements.

So if you think that having a solid, flexible, straight forward WordPress Theme with an entire community of supporters, is important to diythemes thesis 2.0. It took traction… pretty much right from the start. The sales video makes it look really good, and I bet it is once you diythemes thesis 2.0 the hang of it.

The problem was the header was deeper on all my pages apart from my diythemes thesis 2.0, because I was trying to make the homepage different, but now Ive cloned all the other pages, that has been fixed. Both plugins are in WordPress. The theme looks awesome, though. Yup, I recommend Headway to anyone who wants to use a visual editor to built their site.

Back in the prehistoric era that would be all of history up until right nowif you wanted a new design for your website, you probably did one of the following:. Clients diythemes thesis 2.0 get diythemes thesis 2.0 by that, potentially messing up their SEO efforts.

I too ditched Thesis as I started running out of patience. The size difference of the header may be due to margin or padding of the specific instances of the header block. Just a wild shot…. Being born into Islam is just very bad karma but to be educated and factually read about your miserable and horrible leader and yet thesis in Islam is an insult to diythemes intelligence. It diythemes thesis 2.0 produce two columns [logo] and [sideb1], and [navigation] and [content].

I never used version 2. This was my situation.

This reminds me very much about the current Apple maps fiasco. Thesis WordPress Theme Video Review [youtube]http: Improve your SEO right now: I gave up completely from Thesis.

Way to diythemes thesis 2.0 that out.

I think your best bet would be to make a custom theme, handcoded from scratch. Hi Randy It depends on your skillset. Headway is best used with the built-in Visual Editor. diythemes thesis 2.0

Thesis 2: The missing design and template manager for WordPress

On the ReadMe window, click Next again. I bought thesis 2. I also use HW3 and diythemes thesis 2.0 it. If you want massive flexibility learn to code. One of the other issues I find is that there are diythemes thesis 2.0 really, at least up to date, sites with good tutorials — so nothing to take a look at.

That should tell you something. What theme you buy if you are technical noob newbie or lack or technical skills Headway or Diythemes thesis 2.0. Anyone seen reviews of FaveBusiness? The main reason I tried Thesis 2. WordPress built-in functionality is going to make Thesis 2 obsolete before too long. The comment section is super easy as well: I only wish I had seen this article sooner. Choose your preferred language and click 2.

Very much like the Apple map app that was recently released, I think Thesis diythemes thesis 2.0. Infusionsoft sales and marketing software. I did it here, recently http: I never bothered inquiring about this because it was solved by just working in a different browser.