Edward reekers so schmeckt der sommer

Can you tell something about the period when you both met for the first time? Thank you very much for the interview, Edward. With a solo project you yourself are the motor. He came up with the music for "Vicious Circle" and I had the idea about writing about something like that already for some time. Every decision that has to be made, you make yourself.

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Edward Reekers

If you don't do anything the project will come to a halt. Thank you very much for the interview, Edward.

How did you experience working with Ed? I sk doing both, though. I didn't think I had a chance but my friend kept urging me to send that tape.

I did some singing for the Ayreon project. The commercial turned out to be such a succes that they made a single out of it.

Edward Reekers Chords

StarinkWorld edwarrd Interview with Edward Reekers I took piano lessons for about 4 years and later on in my career I did a course in reading and writing music. I love my family very much and when I'm not working I like to spend time with them and cook for them. Do you have a favorite song or moment from that time with Ed Starink? I started working for Ed in the 's.

I was asked to do a commercial edeard a session singer.

Ed told me he wanted to try and write a song together. Recently I have been a part of a project called "Motel Westcoast".

I wouldn't call it a relief. In the past he worked with Ed Starink as a session singer, for example on the "Alan Parsons Songbook". No I didn't write the lyrics for that.

In Germany you are also known for the music of an ice-cream commercial "Langnese" which you perform yourself. In your career you also worked reeers Ed Starink.

Edward Reekers – Wikipedia

I love to do different things with my voice. The interview was conducted in English by Andreas Heinz.

We would like to thank Edward for his kind cooperation. I think there is an English version somewhere. A friend sommr mine pointed out to me that Kayak were looking for a new singer.

Do you remember how the band contacted you to become their new singer? Edward, you are a wellknown musician, singer and composer. Mostly for childrens toys. We always enjoyed being in eachothers company.

StarinkWorld - Edward Reekers

Can you tell something about this song, for example whether it has a special meaning to you, and how it has been produced by you and Ed? For instance I direct the Harry Potter films in Dutch. He suggested that I'd send in a tape. I play keyboards and percussion. He also performed on Ed's song "Vicious Circle" for which he also wrote the lyrics.

I've been involved in music eversince I was a child.

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