Difficult daughters manju kapur

Lists with This Book. Initially, I empathised with the Professor — here is a man who went to study in Oxford, came back and had to marry an illiterate woman the family had chosen for him. Interestingly, much later in life she has expectations of her daughter, that are not much different to the burden of expectation placed upon her as a child. Manju Kapur is the author of four novels.

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Popular covers see all 7 covers. The lack of any passion or rumination towards the subjects she studied was questionable.

A Feminist Study of Manju Kapur's Difficult Daughters | Dr. Bijender Singh - sharemagiamgia.xyz

Her novels are stories of women living a life of daughtdrs. The author has very well described all the phases of a women's life, how she a women can be hated, loved, admired, ignored, regretted, dauggters and is always over loaded with responsibilities.

The daugjters of women can also be seen in the secondary characters. Sep 19, Shilpi Jain rated it really liked it. As much as I liked the beginning of the book, I found it very hard to cheer for a character so silly and blind, so incapable of deeper consideration or caring for anything except her lover. For me, there wasn't much in this novel that delivered what its 'Difficult Daughters' title might promise.

In this research paper, the writer analyzes and focuses on the issues related to the upper middleclass Indian women and their mental dilemma on their plight. Apr 15, Parvoneh rated it it was ok.

Jan 09, Joan Doane rated it really liked it. But still the daughters were expected to ultimately settle down with their husbands and raise family.

The paper is also an attempt to highlight how education deviates from the main objective; even the educated girls kapurr Virmati who spoils her life by falling in love with a married professor who has already fathered two children. Both women suffer at the hands of a man who wants his cake and to eat it, not caring about the consequences.

The purpose of present study is to investigate the positions of women in contemporary Indian novel Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur.

It would've been interesting to know more about Virmati's father and maanju as men sympathetic to women's education in her life, but they seemed a little left out.

The actual bulk of the book is well written, it is an engrossing tale of love and deceit set in the backdrop of India's partition. Her world is shaken when she falls in love with a married man. And the way her fight for the man of her life change her as a person; how the change compels her to ignore everything else, the revolution, the bloodshed, even the loss of diifficult loved ones.

Difficult Daughters

But if you live in a traditional society and decide to transgress its rules, you must be aware of the consequences. Her mother is always worried about her marriage japur she does not understand her mental turmoil. She tells her that marriage is not only thing in life. She has been described in the novel as a mother whose duty is to give birth to children as many as she can. References to this work on external resources. At the begining it looked like the author is going to provide us with All this fuss about an arrogant, full-of-himself, overbearing, ungrateful man?

All the Indian references make me miss my family. She wanted to be traditional but she lacked courage to be really liberal. The most important them is that of women, their lives, their fate. The other part paints the realities of her choice- to be the second wife.

It seems that tradition is more important, especially as the actions of a daughter affect her whole family. She was going to please her in-laws Kapur Dec 17, Kinga rated it really liked it.

Difficult Daughters by Manju Kapur | LibraryThing

I found this sitting in a box of old books and realized I'd never read it. He does not accept Virmati socially and keeps continuing his illicit relationships with her. Sep 14, Dhiyanah rated it it was ok. Nobody has any business to live in the world and know nothing about its ways.

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