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I can list both a chart made by festivals and clubs: Alan Walker - Different World feat. Lizzo - Juice Official Video. Hollen Zu Band Original Mix.

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Rainer Weichhold - Maiki. Biography If you are a clubber or simply an electronic music lover you could be not new with Hollen. YG - Slay ft.

My Favourite Freaks Podcast #197 Hollen

What is the motivation for the recent influx and can you tell our readers more about the label and what can expect in the coming years? Jobless Original Club Mix. Hollen Macacos Original Mix. Mushock How Hot Mp3. Feel It in My Bones. Sticking with labels, there are so many changes on the horizon at the moment with streaming becoming so popular and talk of new technologies such as Blockchain etc. In the past, I used to be a house DJ but as time passed hllen taste moved on the techno sounds.

So, the first step is to have the right mood and the second step is to turn this collisuon into music. Your DJing has also progressed heaps over the last few years, what do you aim to achieve with your DJing?

Techno City Alarm, Vol. Do you think producers sometimes over complicate technology and techniques when simply you just need to focus on great music? The Power Of Love.

Hollen - Kalypso (Original Mix)

What were your TOP 5 gigs so far? Sofia Carson Official Music Video. There are many nice names coming out from Italy at the moment and Italy has always been part of the scene since the beginning even if we never had a club culture like the UK or Germany. The Glitz Remix out now.

Buy issue — http: You feel their energy that works as adrenalin inside you. Hollen Kalypso Original Mix. Hollen Jobless Original Club Mix. Organic Underground Beats, Vol. Jade Coma Kaiserdisco Remix. Scary Void Meme Mp3. My Favourite Freaks Music — M. So keep an eye, or much better an ear, on it. Novus Ordo Seclorum Vol.

Galantis - San Francisco feat.

Today the label is hyperactive with monthly releases and label parties. Simply because I love what they did.

Hollen Similar artists, top songs and much more -

Italy is a very nice country, also if sometimes our politicians try their best to kill it. Hollen Plucked Original Mix.

I see that some of our older colleagues did music with Atari, samplers, keyboards, external effects etc… We should feel lucky that we can arrive at the same or higher level just with a Pc or a Mac.

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