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Due to their crucial financial and economic role, financial institutions should have plans in place that describe how they will manage through a pandemic event. Government uses a six stage scale that has a geographic focus. We believe that being prepared helps avoid disaster and, at times, creates new opportunities. Next Section Appendix E: Included are checklists for state and local governments, for U. Copyright Quinstreet Inc. Test results should be reported to management, with appropriate updates made to the pandemics plan and testing program.

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Efforts could include consideration of cooperative arrangements with other financial institutions within the institution’s geographical trade area. This would suggest that if there ever was a time to suddenly get liberal when it comes to work-at-home policies, now would be a good time to make that happen. You may want to circulate virus safe plane travel suggestions. Do you know how quickly and by what method you could shift a substantial portion say 75 percent or more of your employees to a work-at-home system? If people don’t feel well, they should stay home.

Periodically check your regular prescription drugs to ensure a continuous flu pandemic business continuity plan in your home.

The issues discussed below highlight the specific challenges faced by management and the mitigating controls that should be considered when developing a pandemic plan. Financial institutions should be familiar with and monitor both sources.

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Alternatives for pandemic testing can include: Generally, when people get sick, they want to go home and planes are the place they go to first. The potential effects of a pandemic should be a part of the financial institution’s overall BCP business impact analysis BIA. Flu pandemic business continuity plan and posters are free and can be downloaded from the CDC website at www.

Government uses a six stage scale that has a geographic focus. See The National Implementation Plan at http: Please enable Javascript in your browser, before you post the comment! There are many medical professionals and scientists indicating that flu pandemic business continuity plan is just a matter of time before such a pandemic will occur.

The financial institution’s BCP should provide for:. Using Technology to Advance Human Progress. Flu pandemic business continuity plan addition, management should coordinate its pandemic planning efforts with local public health and emergency management teams, identify authorities that can take specific actions e. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.

The documents can be found at: While the plan may not be ready in time to deal with the current Swine Flu situation, it will help you cope with the next outbreak. In addition, while traditional disasters and disruptions normally have limited time durations, pandemics generally occur in multiple waves, each lasting two to three months.

Important risk assessment and risk management steps that are important for pandemic planning include; Prioritizing the severity of potential business disruptions resulting from a pandemic, based on the institution’s estimate of impact and flu pandemic business continuity plan of occurrence on operations.

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There seems to be many different thoughts about the potential pandemic in the corporate boardrooms all across the globe. Employees who have flu-like symptoms should seek treatment from their physician and remain at home until cleared to return to work.

Searching our resource database to find your matches As with other BCP activities, pandemic planning should not be viewed as solely an Information Technology IT issue, but rather as a significant risk flu pandemic business continuity plan the entire business.

Senior management is also responsible for communicating the plan throughout the institutions to ensure consistent understanding of the key elements of the flu pandemic business continuity plan and to ensure that employees understand their role and responsibilities in responding to a pandemic event.

PPE, cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers. It is time we asked ourselves whether we are ready. Special attention should be directed at the institution’s ability to access leased premises and whether sufficient internet access capacity is available if telecommuting is a key risk mitigation strategy.

The united Sates Government has issued a National Strategy that discusses the threat and potential impact of a pandemic influenza event. Mitigating Controls Despite the unique challenges posed by a pandemic, there are control processes that management can implement to mitigate risk and the effects of a pandemic. Get help accessing electronic help records.

Pandemic business continuity planning – things to consider

Remote Access During a pandemic there may be a high-reliance on employees telecommuting, which could put a strain on remote access capabilities such as capacity, bandwidth, and authentication mechanisms. The Pandemic Web site focused on governments and still the avian flu has a number of strong recommendations. Government and industry association guides covering pandemic planning. Internal And External Threats.

To prevent the spread of germs: Assess and prioritize essential business functions and processes that may be affected by flu pandemic business continuity plan pandemic; Identify the potential impact of a pandemic on the institution’s essential business functions The Department of Homeland Security DHS Continuity of Operations – Essential COP-E planning process may be useful here.

May 7, 6: While there are no current restrictions on travel to Mexico, consider limiting non-essential business travel or temporarily stopping travel all together. As noted in the main body of this booklet, the institution’s risk assessment process is critical and has a significant bearing on whether BCP efforts will be successful.

It is unknown if an avian virus will result in a human flu pandemic business continuity plan.