Benny benassi pumphonia

This is admittedly my favourite track on the album now, just as it was when I first bought the album a few summers ago. Phobia", which contains, without a doubt, the best material out there ever to have been garnished with the Benassi name. Get Better , which was based on an old track by a past project of the Benassi Bros.

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Benny Benassi – Pumphonia (2004)

Take caution, however, in the fact that this song boasts a very deep bass, so keep a close eye on the state of your subwoofers and the settings of your equalizer! If you can stand the word "Up! Other scheduled threads are puumphonia follows: Before I begin, I have a confession to make. Log in or sign up in seconds.

My first advice to all you listeners out there is to keep your volume low when you begin playing the CD.

Pumphonia by Benassi Bros. on Spotify

Submit a new text post. Benassi Bros -- Illusion feat. Look for the benaasi source of content and submit that. When I bought this album, I thought that it was the best album that I had ever purchased, a mental effect that hovered over me for a couple of years. No piracy zone, support the artists. Phobia", which contains, without a doubt, the best material out there ever to have been garnished with the Benassi name.

That's not to say that the album is in any way perfect, but it is indeed a step in pumpnonia right direction for the duo. However, "Illusion" is a solid introductory track to the album, offering the strong vocal talents of Sandy Chambers, one of dance music's most prolific voices of the benaasi, as well as the typical sound of the Benassi Bros.

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Having reviewed the album, that notion has since dissipated, and the deficiencies of the work is now more apparent. In previous reviews I've written, I have made many references to a sound known as the "Benassi Bass". Also, Benassi's toolroom knights mix is another favorite oldie. Although it would not be unsuitable for the "Hypnotica" album and I believe this track is actually on that album as wellthis monotonous droner just feels tacked on at the last minute as an old track to fill some time.

The album starts out with an instant hook and also one of the singlesentitled Illusion. That being said, I can now formally introduce the debut album from the Benassi Bros.

More by Benassi Bros.

The album concludes with the Sflow version of "Get Better"which is just a downtempo electro remix of the original. Especially amusing is the use of reverb effects to overlap vocals during the final set of Dhany's lines in the track, adding to an already arm-raising atmosphere. Submit a new link.

Memory Of Love also had become a single from this album eventually I reviewed this particular single perchance; the review is pum;honia hereand is perhaps the track which uses the greatest variety of instruments alongside guest vocalist Paul French of The Biz. Pumphonia and Phobia were the two albums that started my love for electronic music. No asking others to upvote your posts via social media outlets. In the case of "Pumphonia", much has changed: This is one of the stronger tracks of the album.

The duo consists not of brothers though, but of the cousins Alle and Marco Benassi, the latter of which is better known under the alias of Benny Benassi who has created numerous dancefloor-friendly hits, including the aforementioned "Satisfaction", as well as "Able To Love", "Who's Your Daddy? Subsequently, other artists have utilised this particular sound for their own hits, cashing in on the clubby sound made famous by Benassi and usually in conjunction with a benng song from the s or s that time slowly forgot, only to be revived in lame danceable fashion.

Admittedly, this track nenny an acquired bennh. Perhaps the reason why the single was so popular had to do with its video, featuring Dhany in a skimpy bikini, singing while rolling around on a sandy beach.

What is coming out? Hey, I liked it.

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