The behavioral, neural, and pharmacological specificity of different forms of abnormal aggression in rats. The School of the Americas. The case of Cote-d’Or. Political control and female reproduction in East Timor. The dynamics of violence in civil war: In some disciplines, particularly experimental fields, research and writing can reasonably be expected to be completed within the same year, and in those cases it is appropriate to apply.

The violent life of Bruna Verissimo: Religious demography and conflict in Ireland, A history of the crystallization of the one-drop rule in the United States, Usually, this means that fieldwork or other research is complete and writing has begun. Effect of acutely altering serotonergic activity on the performance of tasks relevant to cortical-amygdaloid circuits in IED and control subjects. Prisons and penal policy in Germany,

Neuroendocrine response to stimulation of the hypothalamic area where aggression is evoked.

Parental imprisonment, the prison boom, and the intergenerational transmission of stigma and disadvantage. Understanding drug violence in Mexico. Characteristics and determinants of global homicide crime waves, State religion and the etiology of insurgent violence in Ireland and Poland-Lithuania, Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

In the courts of revolution: Tokugawa response to the Shimabara Rebellion and power project in seventeenth-century Japan. Structural determinants of violent crime in contemporary Mexico.

Serties temerosos menacing backlands: The foundation awards research harry frank guggenheim foundation dissertation fellowships to individuals or a few principal investigators at most for individual projects and does not award grants to institutions for institutional programs.

A comparative study of Sudan and Nigeria.

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Usually, this means that fieldwork or other research is complete and writing has begun. Jewish-Arab relations, urban space and the state in Palestinian-Israeli mixed towns, The morality of revolution: The endocrine stress-response and behavioral status in the olive baboon.

Disentangling the marriage-crime relationship. Mechanisms reproducing ethnically motivated aggression: A history of criminal labor in Sub-Saharan Africa. A causal harry frank guggenheim foundation dissertation fellowships of warfare, based on the origins of human cooperation: Christianity, security, and Mara Salvatrucha. New reasons for optimism.

Institutional choice in civil war: The role of social knowledge. The Nazi occupation of Europe’s influence on life inside Germany, The impact of the school classroom context on the development of aggressive behavior problems in children.

Rebel tactics for managing political disorder. Controlling violence in wartime?

A study of mutiny in the Royal Navy, Exploring race differences in the sequelae of criminal assault. This fellowship is not for support of doctoral research.

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Frontal cortical and hypothalamic serotonin system correlates of individual difference in cerebrospinal fluid 5-hydroxindoleacetic acid levels. Intimate violence in community context.

In addition to the foundation’s program of support for postdoctoral researchten or more dissertation fellowships are awarded each year to graduate students who would complete the writing of a dissertation within the award year. A political ethnography of Soweto. An analysis of the long-term trajectories of homicide rates between the United States and Canada from the mid-eighteenth to the twenty-first century.

British foreign policy and the opium crisis, The violence of and its aftermath in Bali, Indonesia. Punishing collective action in India, A comparative ethnography of group formation and violence across the green line. Legal implications of an harry frank guggenheim foundation dissertation fellowships criminal justice paradigm. Violence, citizenship, and the individual in modern Japan’s lost war.

The Soviet “struggle against banditry,” Associations with aggression, environmental threat, and social cognitions. Disarming justice, demobilizing memory, producing ‘post-conflict’ life in Sierra Leone. Colonial violence in the Congo Free State State repression and the politics of youth harry frank guggenheim foundation dissertation fellowships in postcolonial Kenya. Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian conflict: The bereaved sexualities of Sri Lanka’s protracted war. The Nazi concentration camps.

The Japanese soldier’s experience of war,