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Added method to set rim elevation by depth. For the horizontal label box, added option for horizontal text in addition to vertical. Road Network — Added settings for station range to process for each road. Added settings for label text size, layer, style, decimals and prefixes.

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Configure Section Info — Added method to set folder for section drawing to allow storing the section info on a server. Complete Improvement List Existing Customers: Range Diagram — Added dimensions for all angles and distances. Carlson Cloud — New command for communicating with SurvCE for sending messages, data files and crew locations. Added settings for label text size, layer, style, decimals and prefixes.

New setting for survcade toe offset and buck-wall angle. Create Drillhole from eLog — New command to create drillholes with strata classification using the eLog paramters. Added method for tailwater at each outlet.

Civil and Hydrology

Carlson also comes pre-loaded with about two-dozen Field to Finish code files for various departments of csrlson, many of which have standardized on Carlson SurvCE for data collection or Carlson Survey for the office.

Draw Fault Labels — New command to label fault deltas.

Carlson also has several very powerful commands to help with construction staking. The command also provides dozens of settings for changing the verbiage to your liking. Field To Finish — Special coding to create pipe networks and templates with variable offsets. For the horizontal label box, added option for horizontal text in addition to vertical. New commands to create 3D PDFs. In full disclosure, not too long carlon that demonstration, I became a reseller of Carlson Software products and continue to sell their software today.

Draw Road Stripes — New command to draw linework for road stripes. Draw Grade Boundary — New command to draw boundary polylines around area with specified grade. Added method for processing multiple grids at a time. Added method to map textures by color and method to scale textures.

Customers with maintenance can look carrlson their serial numbers here: Grid Files — Added option to store.

Carlson Software

Certified Dealers or Carlson Sales Representatives. Calculate Variogram — Added point and axis labels to graph. Over several years and several releases of the program, I tried to map out a successful survcdad to move various clients from Land Desktop to Civil 3D.

Added separate text size settings for attribute text labels and point block attributes. Added run view mode for detached from moving vehicle. As with any software, you will need to configure Carlson to meet your standards and to establish default settings. Road Stripe Library — New command to setup named sets of road stripes with offsets, colors and styles.

For tree feature coding, added option for drip as diameter instead of radius, added option for solid circle for trunk and option for relative tree size for the symbols. Tag Segments To Skip Linear — New command to tag polyline segments to skip for material linear quantities.

First, 2D and 3D symbols were inserted where needed. File Selection — Added list of subfolders within current folder and button to move up a folder level.

Added level to report name. Textures — Added 40 new textures for 3D viewing. Toolbar Manager — New command to save status of toolbars and allow migrating toolbar settings between versions.

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