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Ich mag zwar die wissenschaftliche Art des Autors, die Welt zu sehen, zu analysieren, zu katalogisieren und zu strukturieren. He hoped Lila would force the 'metaphysics of quality' from the New Age shelves to the philosophy ones, but that has not happened. Pirsig was able to keep a tenuous grip on his former self, despite the treatment. For me, this doesn't work. There is the homicidal husband sectioned into a course of electric-shock treatment designed to remove all traces of his past.

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Static Quality prevents backsliding. Many of them must have been just ducklings and lilq when he first began this voyage from the inland ocean of Lake Superior, a thousand miles behind him now and what seemed like a thousand years ago. We are born with a dynamic individual nature that protects what it is, yet is open to what it needs to be.

There's a problem loading this menu right now. The author clumsily navigates Pirsig used this book as a vehicle to carry his own personal philosophy. It is the same in what Pirsig puts forward.

Without Dynamic Quality the organism cannot grow. When the book came out, inedited down fromwords, and having been turned down by publishers, it seemed lla to catch the need of the time. The same face, exactly—gold hair and smooth complexion and blue eyes—with a smothered smile she probably thought covered up what she was laughing at.

Review: Lila by Robert M. Pirsig

View all 5 comments. If anyone from the 20th century deserves to stand alongside Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and Confucius, that would be Robert Pirsig. This was a fantastic read. Pirsig claims traditional objectivity renders the field ineffective.

The interview: Robert Pirsig

It was autumn then too, he thought, November, and it was very cold. They travel down the river together. His second book, "Lila: This is because once a new level of organization is oirsig on top of an old one, that new level, while dependent on the level beneath it, will have its own goals and aims that are not necessarily in line with its foundation. Everything just functions, like machinery.

He separates metaphysics into four levels inorganic, organic, cultural, intellectuallilq of which are autonomous, but he goes too far in separating mind from the body. Although Pirsig attended graduate studies of Hindu philosophy at Lil Hindu University and also attended Ramlila celebrations in India, the name of the female character is only accidentally the same as the Hindu concept of Lila. The reason for this alienation is that he perceives that Lila condemns him. Pirsig may not be optimistic about the present scene in America.

What makes you crazy is simply that no on agrees with you.

And when you do that you destroy real understanding. As in his previous book, the roebrt is embedded between rounds of philosophical discussion. Before you go under you had a feeling like you were drowning.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Pirsig wants to create a new understanding of morality, of good, and his arguments are often convincing, if confusing.

He was crazier; he pointed a gun at someone, he won't say who. I will say that my thoughts did seem to change as the book went on.

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. It just feels good in your brain when you read his words. Now and Zen Born 6 SeptemberMinneapolis. Quality or value is a property pirslg the interaction between subject and robwrt and is more fundamental than either; subjects and objects only attain existence through interaction, and that interaction therefore comes first.

And the self portrait of the narrator is absolutely unsparing as is his portrait of the girl.

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