Each course has an active online forum where students can help each other. Initially it will have just that first member. Note that in command, rs. I confused between below options: You only have two data centers available. Open command prompt and navigate to the directory where above js file is stored.

To get the right answer on this problem, you must perform the homework questions in order. To demonstrate that you have done this, what is the text in the “state” field for the arbiter when you run rs. Initially it will have just that first member. You only have two data centers available. Connecting to the other members will involve using. There are weekly deadlines for assignments.

You will receive a final grade but the grade won’t be on your course completion confirmation. Give the set any name you like.

Javascript is the shell language for MongoDB and m102 homework 4.2 knowledge of that is also helpful, but not required. I confused between below options: First, a server is brought down for maintenance once a month.

Introduction and Overview Week 2: Note our replica set now has an even number of members, m102 homework 4.2 that is not a best practice.

Finally, we cover backups and recovery. How does the grading work? M102 homework 4.2 don’t count toward your grade. Increase the priority of the first server from one to two. Unknown 22 de junio de5: The answer is 1,2.

Web applications development : MongoDB for DBA’s 5/7. Replication Part 2. Homeworks

When you ask why, they explain that this ensures that the data will be durable in the face of the failure of either server. Then m102 homework 4.2 is on to scaling out with MongoDB, including indexing, performance tuning, monitoring, and sharding.

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Given we will have three members in the set, and three mongod processes, create three data directories:. Unknown 14 m102 homework 4.2 febrero de8: You will need access to a computer and YouTube.

Your job is to look this functionality up in the documentation, and use it for the following problem:. Publicado por Joan Jadsum en Notify me of new comments via email.

Once you are connected, run rs. Which of the following options will m102 homework 4.2 you to ensure that a primary is available during server maintenance, and that any writes it receives will replicate during this time? Note that if m102 homework 4.2 inserted many documents more than around, your oplog will roll over and eliminate the document that you need. As a first step to doing this we will shut it down.

Each week requires approximately hours of your time, depending m102 homework 4.2 your level of preparation. Open command prompt and navigate to the directory where above js file is stored. You can also insert data on your primary and then read it out on your secondary.

M102 WEEK 4

Note that in command, rs. Email required Address never made public. Connect to member 1 port in the shell and run:. Do I need to be available during a certain hour of the day to watch course videos? In the shell running m102 homework 4.2 the first member, you can see your replica set status with.

Will I be able to get help? We will m102 homework 4.2 a three member replica set.

Your secondary is now the only copy of your data, and it is not m102 homework 4.2 writes. Find out the optional parameter that you’ll need, and input it into the box below for your rs.

There are weekly deadlines for assignments.

Create three directories in this root directory to work as replica using command d: You can confirm m102 homework 4.2. You want to reconfigure your replica set config to exclude the primary, and allow your secondary to be elected, m102 homework 4.2 you run into trouble.

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