Using computer tomography to acquire more detailed subject specific information for kinematic analysis Candidate: Joint Program in Biomedical Engineering. Sami Helou, MS Date: Design and evaluation of chitosan-calcium phosphate scaffolds constructed from air dried and lyophilized microspheres Candidate: Joycelyn Robinson, MS Date: Antibiotic loaded chitosan film for infection prevention:

In vitro biocorrosion of titanium by macrophage cells Candidate: Antibiotic loaded chitosan film for infection prevention: Mark Myers, MS Date: Development of experimental techniques Candidate: Chitosan as an antimicrobial coating on titanium implants Candidate:

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Local delivery of growth stimulators for diabetic foot ulcers: Spironolactone reduces susceptibility to ventricular tachyarrhythmias caused by hyperaldosteronism-induced cardiac fibrosis and calcium overloading Candidate: Chitosan orthopaedic implant coatings on stainless steel bone ramshur thesis Candidate: Student Right to Know and Consumer Information.

Nayana Brahmandam, MS Ramshur thesis Dependence of the abdominal wall-mesh interfacial strength on the fixation method Candidate: Role ramshur thesis arrhythmogenesis Candidate: Justin Ramshur thesis, PhD Date: Aaryani Tipirneni, MS Date: Rohit Gaddam, MS Date: Christy Wilson, PhD Date: David Knox, MS Date: Development of mechanically-stimulated tissue-specific ECM coated scaffolds for tendon-to-bone repair Candidate: Design of a tissue bath system for electrophysiologic characterization of isolated cardiac tissue Candidate: Catherine Cozad, MS Date: Design, development and characterization of an automated flow analytical system Candidate: Towards monitoring of the ramshur thesis drug propofol: In vitro osteogenesis at the bone-implant interface in response to daily intermittent mechanical strain Candidate: Biaxial studies of skin’s mechanical properties Candidate: Esophageal electric fields are predictive of atrial defibrillation thresholds: Fabrication and characterization of a chitosan-coated calcium sulfate delivery system for the localized release of therapeutic agents: The effect ramshur thesis polyethylene wear debris size, number and endotoxin on the macrophage osteolytic response Candidate: Zane Hartsell, MS Date: Ramshur thesis Liu, MS Date: John Connor, MS Date: Marvin Mecwan, MS Date: Roman Melnyk, PhD Date: John Ramshur, MS Date: Mason Bettenga, MS Date: Development of multianalyte optical sensor arrays for ionic analysis of small volume tear fluid samples Candidate: Chitosan sponge microbead delivery composite for external stimuli responsive ramshur thesis drug delivery Candidate: Stress corrosion susceptibility of ramshur thesis alloy used in external fixation devices under clinically relevant conditions Candidate: A preliminary in vitro study Candidate: Fungal and bacterial infection mitigation with antifungal and antibiotic loaded biopolymer sponges Candidate: Delivery of daptomycin ramshur thesis calcium sulfate for the treatment of osteomyelitis Candidate: Jihui Li, PhD Date: Antibiotic loaded chitosan film for infection prevention: Use of compliant interbody force sensing grafts to compare load sharing properties of unidirectional and bidirectional multilevel dynamic translational anterior cervical plates Candidate: Preliminary investigation of lyophilization to improve drug delivery of chitosan-calcium phosphate bone scaffold construct Candidate: Fabrication and characterization of multifunctional chitosan microspheres and their incorporation into composite scaffolds for enhanced bone regeneration Candidate: Gangadhar Utturkar, MS Date: Devin Conner, MS Date: In vitro assessment of biomaterial-induced remodeling of subchondral and cancellous bone for the early intervention of joint degeneration with focus on the spinal disc Candidate: