The faceless xenochrist

Login with Google Error: General Comment This seems to be and interpretation of a small part of the Bible's description of the end of the world. Login with Facebook Error:

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Over men died that day. Moses then returns "down" to earth and starts a violent fight because of the calf. Which is when Satan reigns for a period of time. I prefer the term "beings" to "aliens.

The Faceless — Xeno Christ. IF you listen to Planetary Duality I Hideous Revelation the sample explains the inter-dimensional beings that have gained control over parts of the government. In other words they're dwelling on the negative, and giving a blasphemous description and mockery of Jesus Christ and His life. They needed a primitive worker to mine and work for them so they took the indignious homo erectus and spliced there DNA into homo erectus.

Moses goes into God's "tabarnacl" or spaceship for three days. Log in to add a tag.

A sinister growth gestating in the whore of God A parasite's host; glorified charlatan A virgin womb defiled with the slithering parasitic seed of the Xenochrist. The Faceless are in no way referring to any contemporary version of the bible.

XENOCHRIST INTERACTIVE TAB (ver 4) by The Faceless @

Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Paulo Londra Villancicos Queen. This is the closest to being correct. General Comment Xenochrist is Jesus. Login with Facebook Error: Xeno Christ song meanings.

The Faceless:Xenochrist Lyrics

They are saying He is the Xenochrist. Shepherd of deception Cloaked in the skin of their own Waits in incubation to spread disease Facelless sinister growth gestating in the whore of god A parasite's host, glorified charlatan A virgin womb defiled with the slithering parasitic seed of the Xenochrist, adequately equipped with weapons of manipulation Prophet of contamination Bow to facekess savior of the fearful and desperate Lured with the promise of eternal life Tthe enigmatic sentinel of malevolence Dispensing false salvation Prophet of contamination Bethlehem will burn Shepherd of deception Prophet of infection Behold the Xenochrist Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

The entire album is based upon the book "Children of the Matrix" as Wikipedia tells me, written by David Icke. Upon His return Jesus will destroy Satan and anyone loyal to him. Why not add your own?

The faceless simply believe that we were created as a slave race for our masters Faceeless The Xenochrist comes from another planet, and will desieve many to fallow him and cause distruction. Actually if you substitue alien beings for god or jehova in the bible, things start to make more sense.

I thing whore of God means the Xenochrist is basically a joke of God, and is rediculus when compared to God. General Comment This song is about Jesus. The savior of the fearful and desperate himself, Christ.

General Comment I believe the song is about the anti-christ, they could have also gotten the song meaning from from the word Xenocryst.

Druning incubation, all of his darkness is growing and being held within the "Whore of God". Login with Google Error: His followers and believers The whore of god Xeno- meaning, Alien, strange, or guest combinded with the word christ Xenochrist is a foil of Jesus christ, who came down from heaven and died for our sins. Lol And btw demons, aliens, extra-dimensional beings, angels it's all a matter tne semantics!

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