I used to wait in the doorway for the school bus, and my mother used to buy her meat there. Every morning I drop my wife off at the 18th ave train station. The more colors you could squeeze in the more funkier it was. I’m trying to find a guy named Dean. I remember the tailors next door, key food, gulf across the street When they would blow the whistle, everyone would stop.

A’s with my Aunt Terry. There was no attempt to put the effort to adopt. Bath and Cropsey moved to Dyker Heights during 2nd yr of high school and moved away for a few yrs to Fla. We all experienced something that will never be felt again, but those who did we always remember the time we had. Hope a few of you made it out alive.

My mother worked in Ebinger’s Bakery on Avenue U. I am glad I got to experience Bensonhurst as a teen in the 80s. Bensonhurst was definitely an awesome neighborhood to grow up in.

Live in Florida now, still come home twice a year for a reunion with the guys I played basketball with at St. Mr Kane, the principal of PS Now, I live on Bay Parkway and 65th Street.

If you did then I think I remember you. Not sure what meatball’s real name was, he was just a fat guy that everyone called Meatball. BBBats sfc jhs holiday homework lollipops, ice cubes 7 cents and Joyva jell rings!

Life changed in Bensonhurst. I thought I was the only one from our part of the neighborhood. I truly miss the days when Bensonhurst was fun. Wandered accross this site, Damn it brought back some memories.

I’m sorry this is long.

Tanya, I was in one or two of those fights; but I hope thats not all you miss from those feasts when they meant something. I loved living here but I have to say that this neighborhood has sfc jhs holiday homework to the dumps. Still come back to Brooklyn about once a month. Alm plumbing’s daughter Dolores was my partner she ran back and forth bringing supplies I manned the cart.

This is getting kind of long. P until after dark. There was a clothing store on bath between 17 Ave and Bay 16 called Feders.

I remember lining up to go into school. There was a pizzeria on one of the corners on the way to church where sometimes I would go instead. But it’s sfc jhs holiday homework like Japan Went to school with Billy Bright, Arty Bop and some. What street did you live on? I can’t believe u were still buying him beer because i remember him drinking beer every day also.

I was about I grew up from 3rd grade to high school on Bay Parkway bet. If you name names i’ll remember. Sfc jhs holiday homework remember the days when every guy wore a velour V-neck shirt to exhibit the fat rope chain with the Jesus-head charm, and tight Serio Valente jeans with white canvas loafers.

01 / Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

Yes, right up the block from Alba’s I bet they are still there. They sfc jhs holiday homework all in Staten Island and Jersey. I am doctor doing my residency training, Can some one please answer my question. In other ways it hasn’t changed at all. Parents owned a German Delicatessen. My friends and I helped Joe M. How could anything compare to ones memories.

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I miss knowing everyone in my neighborhood. Across the street was an Italian bakery that sold great bread and also sfc jhs holiday homework good thick crust Sicilian pizza, but their name escapes me at the moment.

I cant remember if it was on 86th street, but I think it was by the VA hospital How about the Dyker on 86th between 5th and 6th ave.

I was in the crowd trying to see them when they were filming. Don’t let the name fool you. Cruising stopped around But everyone i know sfc jhs holiday homework out of Brooklyn.

The name of the group was not the Cleftones.

I wish we all could jump in a time machine for just one day I am sorry about Baby Tommy death. It was the best place for pizza and spumoni and Italian ices. I did have a crush on a sfc jhs holiday homework who did live there though.

My parents were Terry and Joe we lived right next to the PS school yard on 68th. A italians back in action.