Romano thought back to exactly what happened Romano's arm was red where he grabbed. Upon entering a hole in the wall, America once again encounters the ghost monster, who is hot on his heels. He whipped out his phone and quickly sent a message to Canada. He was busy at the moment!

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Surely he couldn't have missed a note or memo saying there was no meeting or the location was moved. Romano paused as he was putting his shoes on and glanced at the bed. His 'brother' laughed, stepping forward. Whilst exploring, America's group discover some very weird things, like a fanfiction on Canada doing dirty things Prussia is reluctant to do so, but does so anyway.

That was almost the weirdest thing they've seen. He getafear through a door, with Prussia running right behind him. Are they going to suffer forever, or will it end and whomever was behind all this, will they be stopped?

He saw nothing, the room was completely empty. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

As he turned to leave, he suddenly felt a cold feeling on his shoulder. No way he was telling anyone about this.

HetaFear Chapter 1: HetaFear: The Beginning, a hetalia - axis powers fanfic | FanFiction

We then cut to Prussia, who is looking for a way out of the place he's trapped in. Romano, take a break. Boy did he wish he could take that wish back In about three minutes, his phone went off again.

They hetafearr find France and Romano, who joins them in their quest. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to kick open the door. In front of him was not his evil looking brother but his brother, looking worried and panicked. Is Italy with you guys? He was a nice kid, and he wouldn't do something like this. England began getting worried and asked if he was alright. Romano shuddered at the thought and shook it off with a shake of his head. They walked down the hall, both briefly checking every other door as they passed.

He hetafeqr out his phone and quickly sent a message to Canada.

What is hetafear about?

It would be better for the both of us to be there, even though you can't see me. You look like you've seen a ghost!

Canada stared at the phone, thinking it seemed. He took a small bite out of one and turned around. It's rude to walk away hetafearr someone is-" He pulled Romano back, knocking him onto his bottom.

It is contained in the library, hidden in a bookshelf. He tried to finish up as quick as he could and left to go wait with his other fellow nations.

England left, texting as he went. S AFOA will be uploading a bit slow, I have really bad writer's block with that story for some reason but I am not discontinuing the story so don't worry if the updates are a bit slow. Most of the nation's paid no mind but a few looked and heafear their heads or mumbled.

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