Master choa kok sui om the divine sound

Do you feel stressed, depressed or simply overwhelmed by your problems? Start typing and press Enter to search. The past is the past!

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This powerful meditation, aimed at achieving divine consciousness or illumination, cleanses and energizes your aura.

Books and CDs

When practiced regularly some of the benefits are increased mental clarity, relief of stress, enhancement of your psychic abilities and increased intelligence and comprehension skills all distinct advantages for any profession.

What are the different levels of Sounr Yoga? The books can be purchased and read separately — they do not need to be read in any sequence. Ancient Meditations techniques are now revealed and taught to the public in this rare book. This book teaches the properties of crystals, increasing your healing power with the use of crystals, cleansing, charging and programming of crystals, techniques to relieve and treat headaches, fever, menstrual discomfort, arthritis, hypertension, multiple sclerosis, and more.

Pranic Psychotherapy bridges the gap between the mind, the physical body, and the human energy system, providing new dimensions to traditional psychotherapeutic measures and practices. Meditate on the Guru and the Higher Beings.

‎Om: The Sound of Stillness - EP by Master Choa Kok Sui on iTunes

The meditation allows the practitioner to accelerate the union of the incarnated soul lower self or personality with the Higher Soul Higher Self. Learn to apply Pranic Healing principles and techniques utilizing the natural power ofcrystals. In addition, this album contains a powerful technique for relieving stress and psychological conditions. They were compiled over dkvine period of 9 years and are kko tremendous source of guidance and inspiration to many.

The Meditation on the Soul is the synthesis of ancient meditational techniques kept secret for centuries.

Bathe your energy field with Prosperity Energies, it will attract similar vibrations. It has been used to relive stress and various psychological conditions.

Practice this ancient Tibetan meditation that opens the Maater and Crown chakras. Also learn how to use crystals as protective amulets from psychic attacks, as well as how to energize rings, pendants and jewelry to enhance healing, prosperity and protection for yourself, loved ones and business associates.

Special references on the chakras are made in relation to the Kabbalistic, Chinese Acupuncture and Hindu traditions. Let go and Live!

Books and CDs – Yoga Vidya Pranic Healing Foundation of Maharashtra

Do you feel stressed, depressed or simply overwhelmed by your problems? The best-selling book on Pranic Healing — translated into almost 27 languages with thousands of diviine sold in India alone. Perfect for meditation rooms, healing rooms, and purification of places after arguments! They help you to evolve!

When your aura is clean, you see through things more clearly. Grand Master Divind breathes life into the spiritual dimensions of wealth, sex, war, alchemy and other mundane preoccupations based on the Tree of Life. Why are Indian deities shown with blue skin? These factors affect your prosperity. This union through knowledge and understanding imparts spiritual practical strength and depth to everyone.

Break one arrow at a time.

The same old patterns recur within you for weeks, months and years. The meditation focuses on circulating energy techniques that clean, energize, and balance the chakras and the aura resulting in the purification of the energy bodies, safe awakening of the sacred fire or kundalini and sojnd of inner awareness and expansion of consciousness. It is only when you are humble that you become a Powerful Healer.

The book offers simple, effective, and practical remedies to psychic problems encountered by most people. What you meditate on, you become! Prolonged awareness is necessary in order to register and respond to inner and kaster stimuli. Why does Lord Ganesha have an elephant head?

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