SafetiPin lets you find nearby 24 hour pharmacies, hospitals, banks, filling stations, restaurants, hotels, theaters, and more quickly. Section 6 identifies such ministries and departments and their potential role in mainstreaming gender. At SafetiPin, it is our belief that safety will improve if communities and neighborhoods engage regularly on issues around safety.

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SafetiPin empowers people through crowdsourcing to get involved, and stand up to say "no more". This data is shared with users dafetipin SafetiPin and with key urban stakeholders such as planning departments and the police to provide inputs into improving safety conditions. Indicated in the pie chart is the percentage distribution of pins in each range. Check how safe a neighbourhood is, by touching the place on the map. This app not available in app stores collects photographs which are geotagged and have time safetipkn.

Thus, anyone who has downloaded the app can carry out a szfetipin audit following the guidelines listed. Lighting, Walkpath, Security, Public Transportation and Visibility are infrastructural parameters and can be improved upon.

She has worked as a consultant and adviser on both green-field neighbourhood designs and inner-city interventions in India. A Safety Audit is a participatory tool for collecting and assessing information about perceptions of safety in public spaces. Toshi Saini works with the Data analysis team on quality assessment and is engaged in coding as well as reviewing data.


The photographs were analyzed by a team of coders and reviewed on a daily basis to produce maps of the city. We recommend that the audit is done post sunset so that the scores are a true reflection of how safe a place is.

This will help track level of service and hence improvement of amenities. It is, therefore, useful to know how an improvement in each parameter will impact the Safety Score of the area. The colour of the pin is red, orange or green based on the measure of the parameters. It is an app compatible with both ioS and Android platforms.

She is the lead editor of Building Inclusive Cities: The overall Safety Score for city of Nairobi is 3. They can find information such as nearby 24 hour Pharmacies, Auto stands, ATMs, and directions to them.

Apps that keep you safe

At the same time, growing urbanization has also exacerbated existing problems as well as thrown up new problems. The negative length in red indicates the remaining amount of improvement needed to increase the Safety Score. Heat maps are certainly in fashion these days, showing us every kind of map based information like the most popular places for eating, drinking, sightseeing, and pretty much anything that can be tracked.

SafetiPin safety app's safety score is all about information on personal vulnerability to crime in every pocket of your city, along with infrastructure and basic amenities available in a place. Based on the ratings for each of the parameters, an aggregate Safety Score is generated. How SafetiPin makes cities safer SafetiPin provides information about infrastructure to promote safety for women and other groups, to citizens at large and important stakeholders including the government, NGO's, corporations and RWAs.

Having a score for an area provides a simple way to measure improvements. This app is like the Pinterest of personal safety apps - apart from GPS tracking and alarm features, the user community.

Women and others such as elderly, migrants and people in low-income neighborhoods are particularly vulnerable and face safety as a major concern. The locations include metro stations and areas in their vicinity among others.

Couple Widget - Love days Countdown. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. How SafetiPin makes cities safer? safegipin

The idea is to get people in slums and low income neighborhoods to safeipin safety audits. My Safetipin and Safetipin Nite. Well designed and well maintained public spaces are essential to the well-being of city inhabitants and promote sustainability as well as safety.

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