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Although the crab or combination method of drift correction may be used, the wing low method gives the best control. Near both fuel tank filler cap: On the right side of the baggage compartment below the window:

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Chapters Table Of Contents All exterior lights are operated by switches found on the switch circuit breaker panel assembly to the right of the PFD. Since the engine is closely cowled for efficient in-flight engine cooling, the airplane should be pointed into the wind to avoid overheating during prolonged engine operation on the ground.


On firewall adjacent to battery box and second slycatcher on external power receptacle door if external power receptacle option is installed: Surface winds and air turbulence are usually the primary factors in determining the most comfortable approach speeds. While an inadvertent encounter with these conditions can be resolved using the checklist procedures, the best action is to turn back or change altitude immediately to escape icing conditions.

Avoid operating with indicators in the yellow range. Figure presents landing distance information for the short field technique. Used when the airplane was delivered skycxtcher the factory and should be used to replenish the supply during the first 25 hours.

Cessna SKYCATCHER 162 Pilot's Operating Handbook And Flight Training Supplement

Near both fuel tank filler cap: The capacity of the engine sump, located on the bottom of the engine, along with the engine oil filter and skycatcer cooler is 5. Stall Speed - Landing Avoid sudden bursts of the throttle and sharp braking when the airplane is in this attitude. Silk-screened on the lower left instrument panel: Got it, continue to print. Emergencies caused by airplane or engine malfunctions are extremely rare if proper preflight inspections and maintenance are practiced.

Pilot Downloads - Lanier Flight Center

Your Cessna has been designed and constructed to give you the most in performance, value and comfort. Don't show me this message again. Use differential braking and rudder to maintain direction. Airplane Inspection Periods Handbook supplied with your airplane. Fuel Tank Sump Quick Drain Valves - DRAIN Drain at least a cupful of fuel using sampler cup from each sump location to check for water, sediment, and proper fuel grade before each flight and after each refueling.

Keep in touch with a Cessna Service Station and take advantage of their knowledge and experience. This log contains the page number and revision level for each page within the POH. Consider lateral or vertical flight path reversal to return to last "known good" flight conditions to obtain an outside air temperature that is less conducive to icing.

These adjuncts to the skcyatcher are used to highlight or emphasize important points.

If possible, obtain an ATC assistance and clearance for an emergency descent through the clouds. Deflate the nose tire and raise the main landing gear to properly center the bubble in the level.

Located on both left and right fuel sight tubes. Six eyebolts serve as attaching points for the net.

The Service Station can place an order for any item which is not in stock. The down- deflected aileron may appear to be stuck or difficult to move up.

Failure to assure contaminant free fuel and heed Some equipment described herein is optional and may not be installed in the airplane. Selecting flaps to FULL when taxing with a tailwind can prevent the blow down. Refer to the Maintenance Manual.

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