Uberstrike 0 ping

You must add in switching latency and router buffers. Once you start getting higher than that it starts to become a little more noticable. Yes, my password is: The Mollusk , Nov 29,

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Since then I have seen many in apex.

But it uberstriike shows they can't act directly very much. Users are expected to behave maturely and respectfully, stay on topic, and don't spoil results for 24 hours.

Now im not saying thats why one player beat another or not.

ELI5: How is it possible to have 0ms of ping? : explainlikeimfive

Do you already have an account? No ping so far Woo hoo. Uberickdas View Profile View Posts. Im in NA and I can feel the difference between 40 and SagamoreNov 29, I have a feeling its mostly noticable in edits.


The local network simply shouldn't introduce that much latency. Following Reddiquette is required! I've ubersteike different streamers on twitch boast that they have 0ms of ping.

Watch Myth's latest video vs Tfue, Myth has 0 ping. Let's say an enemy has ping. You could be quite a bit closer and still not be rounded down or even get 1 ms.

That said, this is virtually impossible to achieve unless you're literally on the same LAN as the game server. I have heard streamers talking about ping differences in those Friday nite tournys uberstdike I guess editing and placing floors ramps walls are affected by ping with a slight delay.

Your username or email address: Watch almost any high-tier japanese player, they regularly have ping, you're telling me these guys use programs to fake these numbers on a mass scale? Not the Bethesda Whole Foods guy!

No need to freak out. Yes, my password is: Once you start getting higher than that it starts to become a little more noticable. Log in or sign up in seconds.

It doesn't seem to work like that. This is what they wanted to do. Servers must be far away because my internet is quite good. There have been more than 1 reports about hackers or bug abusers while in Steam and hopefully valve will do something about it or yberstrike we will see history flash backs of bad uber days. Switches with Application Specific Integrated Circuits are able to operate closer to wire-speed. Just tried to play in Apex Twin - joined a couple of games, but there was at least one hacker in each game.

From Bot to Tryhard Megathread. I've played for about an hour today for the first time on steam. Think about it like this: You fabricate things because you don't bother to do any real research, do you believe the Earth is flat too? One PING only, please.

Most inputs in Fortnite are server-side, not only client-side like you're implying and have a compensation between the 2 to make the game seem responsive, shots seem to be client uberxtrike which results in inconsistent gunplay on the receiving end.

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