Meek mill stay schemin freestyle

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Manage News Not now. Glock 40, posted in the field like a cornerback Middle of the summer, I be out there where the corner at Started with a eight-ball, then I bought a quarter back Put a price on your head, nigga, I could order that Cocaine-selling two time felon Y'all niggas telling, fuck around we crack your melon All this kush I be inhaling, y'all niggas be jealous Bad bitch with me, buying shoes like Cinderella.

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Meek Mill - Stay Schemin Freestyle Lyrics

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Bebe Rexha Meant to Be feat. Please disable your ad blocker or, better yet, upgrade to Radio Plus. I'm bout to bring the coast back, bout to bring the coast back I be burning bread, yep, nigga go and toast that Taking niggas' bitches, better get your bitch Lojacked Like a condom wrapper, nigga, get your ass tore back One twenty on the dash, no seat belt So motherfucking high, a nigga need help Money over broke bitches, yeah a nigga mean that That head was so good, a nigga felt it in his kneecaps.

Lil Wayne Mona Lisa. Ella Mai Boo'd Up.

Mixtape TV Meek Mill – Stay Schemin Freestyle

DJ Snake Taki Taki. Drake Nice For What. Barney Stinson Christmas songs. Update your browser to the latest available version to use the Slacker Radio web site: Childish Gambino This Is America. To hear more, download our mobile app for iOS or Android. Uh I say one life to live So nigger Im a ball till I fucking fall Like September gone hell a hall Niggers act like they dont remember when I was selling raw But since they run their mouth like bitches they can tell them broads How I came through Panama fling blue Everybody bust down And Im with fdeestyle same crew Half my homies selling dope They dont got the same view But we got the same goals I used to work that same old I used to sell them same Tryna touch a hundred mill Twenty four with a ghost I swear my life is hell a real Took them babies out the hood Put my momma up on that hill Got the weight up off my shoulders Tell them that its time to kill all the sudden all these other suckers mad Cause only 24 and buying shit they stat they had Is it my bad?

Enter letters below security code. She gon fuck the whole team, I be on lean Sipping on purp, me, my nigga Dean Pigeon in the kitchen, fresh off the triple beam We get straight down to that money, no ifs ands are in between, wo I be rolling, nigga I be rolling In this Panamera, whip that bitch like it was stolen Prezzie on my wrist, thirty racks all golden And my neck all frozen, little nigga, I be holding, bitch.

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Meek Mill – Stay Schemin Freestyle

Fresh off the schemkn, I got work And if you talkin' bout colors, well I got purp The scheimn girl I dated, that bitch got hurt Put that on something, nigga, that's on my turf Riding in the whip, ri-riding in the whip And if she ain't fucking, then she flying off a cliff Nigga never sleep, nigga never eat shrimp She heard a nigga faithful, bitch, that's a myth.

Im spitting bars off the top and they aint flowing like that They aint flowing like this Old school flow Flowing like kiss raspy voice in the vib With a hundred frdestyle Ace of spade doing my thing Hot 97 they know that Im going mmeek My neck, my wrist be all bling A lot of niggers catch cases They aint like me They are sing When its time to see their selves I aint had no bell But had a couple of bitches They was riding me sentimental So I had to hold it down And now I got the crown I ride for my niggers dog I ride for my niggers uh.

How You Love That Feat.

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